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Meet the incarcerated people supporting Earth Equity through leadership, research, writing, and vision.  

Incarcerated advisors play a central role in designing Earth Equity's educational programs, cooperative development, and policy work. We proudly showcase our contributorship in order to increase your organization's access to quality consultation, create partnership opportunities for our advisors, and help build bridges between free and incarcerated communities. 

Please feel free to contact Earth Equity Inside advisors directly by using their CDCR# and Cell Numbers (numbers below) at the prison address:

San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA 94974

OR through our staff at Earth Equity Outside

Edmund Richardson 

I am an incarcerated journalist who centers marginalized voices and combats narratives of irredeemability. I was drawn to Earth Equity because I grew up near the beach and I have a deep connection to water. I am excited to use the power of story to fuel the defense of our oceans.

More About Me

I am a 37 year old native of Oceanside, CA, who is serving life in prison for an act of armed robbery I committed in 2010. Originally I was not eligible for parole until the year 2040, but because I have spent the last 13 years of my incarceration making amends and bettering myself the courts recently resentenced me. My life sentence has been removed and my release date is now in 2025.

I recently fell in love with the works of Octavia E Butler. I love Spanish rice with sausage. When I’m heartbroken or when I need inspiration I listen to Beyoncé.

Contact me via email: Earth Equity Inside

Trevor Michael Jackson

My dream is to fix our education system. We have to teach environmental justice to all children. And let’s put more love into this. Love is how we stop violent crime one child at a time. But since the system won’t get fixed anytime soon, we got some clean up to do. For now I’ll just do what I can to teach these unloved bastards as they pile through the prison gates… those that are willing.

More About Me

I am a 40 year old native of Mendocino. I am proud to say that my hometown still has some wooden sidewalks and some locals still ride their horses to the bar. I have been in and out of lockup since I was 12. If it was not for the love of my daughter I wouldn’t have had the courage to learn how to spell and write so late in life. I would not have done the moral inventory that changed my life.

I’m an avid outdoorsman and stunt driver.

Direct Contact: Trevor Michael Jackson CDCR# BE9877  -  Cell 2-W-32

Robert Kuikahi

I am a 45-year old Hawaiian-Mexican from Southern California who is incarcerated for a gang-related shooting I committed in 1996.

People ask about the moment my life changed, but sometimes it’s not a single moment. Sometimes it’s just a slow painful process called growing up. For me it was the weight of my bad deeds that wore me down gradually over years.

I’ve spent 13 years making amends now and I joined Earth Equity because I want to participate in a culture that is doing something for the world. Exploring new perspectives is something I’m committed to, and through Earth Equity I can help others do the same.

Strengths that I bring to the table: creativity, humor, and a willingness to step out of my comfort zone. 

More About Me

My passions are art and reading. For me art is a positive way to vent and a way to connect with other minds. When someone sees your art, and you see that they understand it that is a great reward.

I started out drawing with pencil, ink, and paint. Then a friend asked me to turn one of my paintings into a doll. That’s how I got into 3D art and, against all odds, became an artisan doll maker. My favorite genre of literature: everything.

Direct Contact: Robert Kuikahi - CDCR# K64520  -  Cell 5-W-22

Sergio Argueta Jr

I joined Earth Equity because I want to be an ocean steward. I fell in love with the ocean by watching shows on PBS for the last 12 years of my prison sentence. We don’t have internet in here, so PBS is actually one of the better ways to get current information and continue to learn. Nature shows and NOVA are my favorites so I know how important it is for us to heal and protect our kelp forests.

I’m a 36-year-old from Red Bluff, California. I’m serving a life sentence for an assault and battery I committed in 2011. Shortly after coming to prison in 2013, I got clean and sober. In 2021, I officially cut all ties to my former gang life. If I get a second chance at freedom I will continue my education and pursue a career restoring kelp forests and working with ocean wildlife. I am an asset to the cause of ocean stewardship because I’m good at networking with other people and organizations, and this is a mission that just needs to get done. Maybe most importantly, I bring passion and dedication. This is going to be a lifelong fight so we have to be committed. My commitment is to keep getting good grades and become a marine biologist.  

More about me

I love heavy metal and rock music. My favorite bands are Korn, Metallica, and Slipknot, but to relax I listen to Taylor Swift. I am passionate about my family, animals, and the ocean.

Contact me via email: Earth Equity Inside

David Vargas

People should be able to embody their beliefs. In the community I was raised in, poverty forces a lot of people to choose between livelihood and principles. They live paycheck-to-paycheck, rack up debt, and chase the products of corporations that pillage the earth. I want to live in a way that proves a person can be both successful and ecologically conscientious. I want to support local business, be happy, whole, and successful without harming the earth. 

I am a first generation Mexican-American and a 33-year-old native of Bay Point, California. I’m serving 25 years due to a violent exchange with a rival gang member. Most of my life I was selfish and uncaring of consequences to others, as long as my family was fed. I see Earth Equity as an opportunity to live a in a different way. 

I want to be around people who care what’s happening with a person internally – people who are in tune with Spirit and the bigger picture.  

More About Me 

I enjoy listening to oldies and love songs, anything with a message about love. I value family, being whole, and cultivating relationships of true depth. 

To relax I do math, the more difficult the better. It’s a great distraction and when you solve a problem you get a sense of accomplishment.

Direct Contact: David Vargas - CDCR# AU0371  -  Cell 5-W-74

Demond Lewis

Advocacy is a one bone capone. When you advocate for yourself, you advocate for people like yourself. 

I’m from Perris, California, been down 21 years, got 109 years for shooting someone in the leg. Most of my ill deeds were products of ignorance. Juvie was my high school. Instead of an education and pro-social habits, I learned anti-social street tactics and violence. It is only now, at the age of 49 that I have caught up and learned how to get along in normal, pro-social ways. Now that I know more about myself, I’m ready to live for my community. Ironically, the system that prepared me to live a new life also promised to never give me a shot at that new life. 

I joined up with Earth Equity because this group was made for folks like me. Earth Equity gives us a chance to share our thoughts with the world and make a difference.  

More About Me 

I’m a former gang member, a proud father of three, and a grandfather of four.  

My hero is my son. In his 28 years of life without me being present he has managed to stay out of prison, be a father to his children, and break the cycle of violence I brought him into.  

My favorite food is turkey lasagna. My favorite book is Tales from the Bricks by Maurice Kelly – a brother from Imperial Courts (a housing project in Watts) who I did time with in Centinela. My favorite movie is “Dances with Wolves”. 

In my spare time I like to use conversation to draw out people’s unique perspectives.

Direct Contact: Demond Lewis - CDCR# J68030  -  Cell 3-W-71

Anthony Gomez

I’m a 25-year old native of Madera, California, who has been incarcerated since I was 18 due to my involvement in a drive by shooting. Upon witnessing the shooting, even prior to being arrested, I knew I was done with gang life and violence of any kind.

When I changed my life I discovered my passion for giving back to others. I’m involved in advocacy and nonprofit work so I can help other young men escape the mentality I was once trapped in. I want to help others find the self-worth and purpose I have found.

Some strengths I bring to Earth Equity are a receptive communications style, a commitment to building trust, and experience working in group settings with people from diverse backgrounds.

More About Me

I am now serving a 21-year sentence. When I got to prison I signed up for youth offender programs, youth mentorship programs, and everything else they let me sign up for. I am currently a student of Mt Tamalpais College and a ProjectManager for Forward This – an incarcerated film crew that works to change narratives related to incarceration. I am proud to say that through this work I have found my calling as a film maker and I am now studying cinematography and journalism.

I am a confident advocate and organizer but in my private life I am shy and introverted. In my spare time I work out. To relax I listen to emo-style rock. I don’t believe in heroes but I admire anyone who utilizes their success to uplift others.

Direct Contact: Anthony Gomez - CDCR# BB4536  -  Cell 5-W-29