Daniel Paul Nelson

 Chairman of the Board 

Active at the Romero Institute where he is Program Director of the Lakota People's Law Project, Daniel oversees all Romero Institute departments and helps decide strategic direction for the organization. He has over 15 years of experience as a deputy director, organizer, researcher, and writer. He holds a BA in Political Theory from Harvard College and an MA in Social Science from the University of Chicago. 

Earth Equity is pleased to include Daniel as a member of our team!

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Qualifications and Experience

Joseph M Krauter

 Member of the Board 

Born and raised in California, I’m 40-years-old now; I was incarcerated at the age of 23 and sentenced to 15 years to Life.  

I was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum inside and advocated for myself (the CDCR has no treatments, accommodations, or protocols for people with ASD). I shared my story with others inside and many came to me asking about behaviors they had and stories from their lives; I would help them determine if they might be autistic. This lit a fire in me to help others seeking wellness and a better quality of life and not knowing how to achieve it.

I paroled in 2019 during the pandemic. My reentry was a nightmare that inspired me to advocate for humans reentering society – specifically people needing mental health support. I became an IT technician and a student of creative writing at SFSU. I allied with several non-profit organizations that focus only on helping returned citizens get back on our feet through varied support: pro-social, wellness, higher education, and just the emotional support of someone who understands what we’ve gone through.

Our lives and our futures can only be as bright as we want them to be. I cannot go backwards, there’s nothing left back there worth becoming again.

More About Me:

I’m a gamer geek; love D&D, WOD, MTG and retro video games. I love to draw, paint and, of course, write. In 2024, I became a teacher of creative writing at SFSU.

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Erika Siao

 Member of the Board 

I am a community builder and researcher who's worked on a variety of issues including homelessness policy, economic development, reproductive justice, and LGBTQ+ organizing. I got connected to Earth Equity through a friend in the Second Life community, and am very excited to get involved! I'm passionate about elevating marginalized community groups in the climate justice movement, which will be the focus of my upcoming research as an MA student at the UBC Geography Department and Center for Climate Justice

More about Me

I am a big fan of hosting elaborate events (ranging from dumpling making to day-long drag competitions); experimenting with different writing projects (currently: personal essays, recent past: short fiction, making a zine); and being in water, in all its varieties (I play water polo, surf, and absolutely love a good spa). Talk to me about whatever brings you joy, and I'll probably be interested! 

Email me: Erika Siao

Qualifications and Experience

Patrice Lock

Director of


I have 50 years of experience in administration supporting organizations large and small. I was looking forward to retirement. Due to the state of the earth, I decided to use my skills to help heal our oceans. I selected Earth Equity because this is where my skills will have the greatest impact.

For those of us who are paying attention to what is happening on earth, hope is in short supply. This is why I am so glad I found Earth Equity. It gives me hope for the future of our planet.

More About Me

For relaxation, I enjoy reading or watching old movies. I also love to embroider because of the way color and shape create beauty as I work

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Qualifications and Experience

Julia Dunn

Project Manager


I am an Environmental Justice educator and organizer at the intersection of community care, personal healing, and creative liberation. I am dedicated to our work at Earth Equity because we prioritize the leadership and wisdom of those impacted by incarceration and environmental injustice. We recognize and reify the urgency of the climate crisis, while honoring the often slow and subtle processes of transformation. I am dedicated to Seaforester because we co-create accessible educational opportunities for all people, empower communities to contribute first hand to climate solutions, and speak to the essential human need for connection with and celebration of nature.

More About Me

I love to paint, scuba dive, garden, dream up strange poetry, and meditate on the 10 Principles of Disability Justice. When I was 11 I looked a whale in the eye and immediately burst into tears.

Email me: Julia Dunn

Qualifications and Expertise

Emanuel Beloff  (Reny) 

Project Manager

 Right 2 Heal

I was born in South Philadelphia and at a young age, my father began a 10-year prison sentence. Difficulties at home and other factors led to severe depression by age 8. These two experiences would shape and alter my life forever.  

I began a worldwide search for solutions and tools so others could get the help that was not readily available to me. It began with Taoist masters in China, followed by Medicine Men across the Americas, and studies with Medical Doctors from Europe over 20 years. All those I studied with agreed how the mind, body, and experiences all work together and how healing may happen for individuals and communities with the right tools.  

Being involved with Earth Equity and the R2H program is a culmination. I am excited to add my experience and to put all that I have learned to work to help heal our sick ecology, and the people in it, in a good way.

More about me:

I enjoy nature, wilderness awareness, survival skills, cooking, concocting  nutritional supplements, teaching kids awareness  skills, music, sacred ceremony, time with family, traveling and journeying.

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Ellison Libiran

Director of Media 

I am a multimedia creative fascinated by the way people are telling stories through events and experiences. Growing up in the tropical islands, I had a strong intimacy with nature and folklore. This informed my natural curiosity of our Earth and the people who live in it with intention. A graduate of broadcast journalism, I’ve been in some capacity of professional media for over a decade. In 2014, I co-founded Back Pocket Media, a non-profit company that produces live journalism across the United States. Our goal is to revitalize the media space to have a more human and traditional approach. Something our ancestors have always practiced.

I believe in the compelling force of storytelling and power it can yield. I am a part of Earth Equity because I would like to uplift the voices of those impacted by incarceration and motivated by environmental justice.

More about me

I enjoy old things and new ideas. I like art, poetry, and antiques of all things. I love to cook and break bread with loved ones. My current playground is San Francisco, California.

Email me: Ellison Libiran