Earth Equity

Who can work with us?

At Earth Equity, we choose to create employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated people regardless of their past. We practice acceptance by focusing on an applicant’s future rather than denying them opportunities for success, redemption, or making amends. We collaborate with applicants to determine how their experiences can effectively support restoration and decarceration – while honoring the vulnerable populations we serve. We are capable of working alongside anyone who shares our values. We are committed to identifying the role best suited to the skills and talents of each person. 
This is in line with our goal to create thriving futures in which prisons are truly and completely obsolete. We develop policies and programs which improve incarcerated people’s quality of life and access to resources (i.e. wealth, health, education, community) without investing further into prisons themselves. We support formerly incarcerated people in developing the skills and self efficacy necessary to heal beyond prison. We achieve these goals by encouraging compassionate, healthy, and active relationships between people in reentry, Land/Sea, and Community. We assist people in reclaiming their humanity. 
Healing and care for all people are foundational to Earth Equity’s work, mission, and vision. In order to live in the world we dream for, we must detangle accountability and rehabilitation from the prison industrial complex. These words belong within our communities – woven into processes for Restorative Justice, transformation, and repair. We deserve the deep connection and care that can emerge from complexity. When we expand our understanding from ‘evil doers’ and ‘perfect victims’ to a wide range of complicated people, we can care for those harmed without being vengeful towards (or erasing) those who caused harm. In doing so, we can reach deeper healing -- and avoid punishments which perpetuate the crimes they claim to stop.
If you are a potential partner or vendor to Earth Equity, we ask you to consider your comfort and willingness to work with formerly incarcerated people regardless of past offenses. If this is not something you can consent or commit to, a partnership with our organization may not be the best fit for you.