Our Values

  • Intersectionality

    We commit to a holistic understanding of and solidarity between all movements and people remediating the effects of incarceration. We name and strengthen connections between personal and communal healing, environmental stewardship, accessibility, and the end of violent cycles perpetuated by mass incarceration. Due to the nature of the US carceral system, we particularly honor the intersections between Environmental Justice, Racial Justice, and Disability Justice. 

  • Self Determination

    Incarceration alienates individuals from their autonomy. We honor every person’s right to self determination and informed consent. We support incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people in developing and protecting self efficacy. Whether professional, economic, political, or bodily sovereignty, we create systems and programs to bolster the knowledge, confidence, and voice of each person. 

  • Leadership by Incarcerated People

    We are dedicated to prioritizing and amplifying incarcerated voices in decision-making, planning, needs assessment, and all other aspects of Earth Equity’s work and culture. We defer to the wisdom, adaptive capacities, and resilience of incarcerated people in the fight for climate justice and beyond. 

  • Community Care

    We believe each person has the power to heal themselves and the systems that impact them when they are seen, uplifted, and celebrated by community. As we understand our interconnectedness, we celebrate our interdependence. We activate our collective strengths by responding appropriately to each other’s needs. We act as a healthy ecosystem – through mutualism, co-evolution, and the beautiful balancing act of negative feedback loops. 

  • Liberation

    Reciprocal relationships with nature free us from isolationist paradigms. They reveal us as necessary members of an expansive, complex web of being. Supportive relationships with community free us from lack. They replace scarcity with abundance. Loving relationships with our bodies free us from those internalized notions of hierarchy that have kept us from speaking up, celebrating brilliance, and living joyfully. We empower ourselves to conjure climate solutions which are more just, more effective, and more powerful than those that have come before. We transcend binary thinking and align with flexibility, imagination, and expression.

  • Access

    We commit to creating accessible environments, decision making processes, learning opportunities, work experiences, health services, and ways of engaging in advocacy. All people are deserving of a meaningful relationship with nature, their community, and their body. The beauty and complexity of our work is that there is no one “right way” of entering into or stewarding these relationships. We devote ourselves to meeting individual access needs, offering multimodal ways of engaging with our work, and facilitating belonging at Earth Equity

  • Sustainability

    Environmentally sustainable practices cannot be achieved without personally and culturally sustainable practices already in place. As we understand the necessity of an ethical and balanced approach to environmental resources, we must uphold work habits, organizational structures, and relationships which are responsible, nourishing, and tenable. We abide by quality before quantity, rest before distress, and humanity before institutions. 

  • Holisim

    Each of us is an ecosystem composed of interdependent living parts. Our innate wholeness and worth reflects that of the natural world. When we work to restore living systems – whether they be internal or oceanic – we account for their spiritual, societal, physical, ethical, and personal dimensions. Rather than attempting to heal towards a single ideal, we invest in nurturing and balancing whole beings. We validate, respect, and protect each other’s and each ecosystem’s unique compositions.