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Earth Equity Right 2 Heal

Canteen Co-ops


The R2H strategy meets the crisis of food justice head on, within the prison system and elsewhere, with an array of compassionate, politically-movable, and cost effective programs. Earth Equity continually strives to position all R2H programs and policies to aid communities that are most in need of healing, sustenance, and empowerment.

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Food Pharmacies


We are dedicated to creating lasting change for incarcerated citizens suffering from diet- related illness. Always engaged in advocacy in legislative circles, and elsewhere, we discuss our proposal  to establish a pilot program in California state prisons that will investigate the medical, psychiatric, and budgetary outcomes associated with the wellness delivery model known as a "food pharmacy".

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Ocean stewardship + Re-Entry


Are you aware that Northern California has lost 95% of its kelp forests in the last 8 years?

Seaforester is an ocean stewardship program designed to assist with re-entry for returning citizens. We plan to provide education about the critical importance of ocean stewardship and offer meaningful employment for those being released from prison.

Source: UC Santa Cruz NewsCenter (Mar 2021).

Behind bars, people are working to save the kelp forests

 Interview with Kelton O’Connor - Earth Equity Co-founder and member Senior Advisory Board

Radio Station KALW | By Brian Asey, Uncuffed

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Seaforester Active Project 

Kelp Restoration from the Inside Out

Kelp Restoration from the Inside Out (KRIO) aims to facilitate a genuinely restorative relationship between system-impacted people and kelp forests in Northern California. Kelp forests offer lessons in decarceration, liberation, and mutual aid, while system-impacted people contribute immense creativity, resourcefulness, and expertise to any project they find fully engaging. These contributions include work as researchers, organizers, care workers, and Environmental Justice practitioners. 

KRIO will work to uplift and strengthen the mutual healing between resilient ecosystems and brilliant people in several ways:

  • Provide high quality ecological and Environmental Justice education

  • Facilitate connections between system-impacted people and community partners in cooperative development, aquaculture, restoration work, and food justice

  • Create intentional, humanized spaces for connection with the natural world  

Inside Work

Each week, incarcerated participants will gather with both incarcerated and free co-facilitators for a two-hour workshop from KRIO’s Ocean Connection and Community Care curriculum. This multimodal curriculum engages participants through storytelling, art, movement, reading, and discussion on many topics, including:

  • Kelp ecology and distribution

  • Climate systems

  • Threats to ocean health

  • Environmental Justice movements

  • Human relationships with nature

  • The importance and relevance of Environmental Justice in prisons

The KRIO curriculum offers participants skills and support in designing applicable community science and research projects, lesson plans, and policy letters in partnership with a wide network of care workers, scientists, educators, and organizers.

Outside Work

In 2024, KRIO is initiating a year-long research seminar to consider what an ocean care and reentry cooperative could look like in Humboldt County. Based on initial research, it's possible that such a cooperative could contribute to healing Northern California’s kelp forests by initiating farming of important ocean life, including:

  • Various seaweeds to reduce wild harvest of seaweed in nature

  • Climate resilient kelp species for eventual out-planting in the ocean

  • Shellfish and gathered urchins

A thriving co-op of this nature could accomplish so much! KRIO’s current goals include

  • Provide affordable, nutritious food to system-impacted people

  • Create meaningful employment and pathways to business ownership for formerly incarcerated people

  • Strengthen relationships between existing ocean care workers

  • Create a hub for place-based decarceration and Environmental Justice education

 In order to increase understanding around these dreams, KRIO is hiring a small cohort of four to five formerly incarcerated researchers. The members of this initial cohort will be responsible to:

  • Attend monthly skill and capacity building workshops with partners in cooperative development, kelp restoration, and reentry

  • Participate in weekly planning and development meetings with the KRIO Program Coordinator

  • Join in a series of facilitated nature connection sessions

Through these experiences, cohort members will determine the need for and interest in an ocean care and reentry co-op. If cohort members agree that a cooperative should form, they will collaborate with community partners and the KRIO Program Coordinator to create a preliminary proposal which will provide insight into the cooperative’s potential values, vision, bylaws, products, organization, and budget.

Co-facilitated by Seaforester educators SJ Harris and Carmen Bouquin:

SJ (they/she) has worked as an environmental educator learning alongside youth from ages 5-25 for the past 9 years. Environmental Justice and collaborative exploration are at the heart and core of their work. They find peace in timing their breath to the swaying of kelp – and passionately bring this personal connection to the Ocean Stewardship course. They enjoy the ukulele, swimming, collage, and dreaming for collective liberation. 

Carmen (they/she) is an organizer and gardener from New Mexico by way of Central California. Through their work with the People’s Revolutionary Garden network, they grew their knowledge of political advocacy, food justice organizing, and healthy eating in the community. They are excited to apply these skills to advocacy for Ocean and community health. Carmen enjoys roller skating downhill, contributing to their local grocery co-op, and being chaotic.