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Earth Equity Right 2 Heal

In Prison Cooperative Development


The R2H strategy meets the crisis of food justice head on, within the prison system and elsewhere, with an array of compassionate, politically-movable, and cost effective programs. With a particular focus on cooperative development and Solidarity Economics, Earth Equity strives to position all R2H programs and policies to aid communities that are most in need of healing, sustenance, and empowerment.

In addition to promoting economic justice through cooperative development, R2H is dedicated to creating lasting change for chronically ill incarcerated people. We are currently initiating a pilot program in California state prisons to investigate the medical, psychiatric, and budgetary outcomes associated with the wellness support model known as a "food pharmacy".

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Reentry Support and Ocean Care


Did you know that Northern California lost 95% of its kelp forests in the last 8 years?

Kelp is a community builder, a partner in economic justice, a healing healing food with deep ties to Indigenous Sovereignty, a powerful alchemist of carbon and pollutants, and a friend in need. Prisons are front-line sites of Environmental Racism, injustice, and colonization.

SeaForester is a reentry program which partners with and supports system-impacted people in (inter)personal healing, Land-Sea connection, and kelp forest restoration. We do so through Critical Environmental Justice education, community organizing, facilitated coastal connection workshops, and career coaching.

Follow SeaForester's work as we create California's first Reentry Support and Ocean Care co-op in Humboldt County.

Source: UC Santa Cruz NewsCenter (Mar 2021).