University of British Columbia                                                                                     Beginning Sept 2023                  M.A. Geography 

  • Focusing on intersectional climate justice, community-based solutions to climate change, and uplifting marginalized groups including indigenous, LGBTQ+, and folks impacted by incarceration

University of California, Berkeley                                                                             Aug. 2016 – May 2020             B.A. Political Economy (High Honors) / Concentration in International Development (China focus)

  • Deconstructed the history and philosophies underpinning our capitalist economy, studied the relationship between capitalism and the climate, and de-colonized notions of “development” 


Bloom Community App (Oakland, CA)                                                                   Aug 2021 – May 2023             Head of Community & Partnerships 

  • Support hundreds of community groups serving LGBTQ+, creative, and otherwise alternative people to create safe spaces for connection and community building; hired, trained, and led a team of Community Ambassadors across the US; lead communications and relationship management with 1,000+ organizational partners and 20,000+ community members

  • Led months-long user and organizer partner research including survey analysis and targeted focus groups; analyzed and summarized findings to inform product development 

East Bay Sanctuary Covenant                                                                                       Jul. 2021 – Dec 2021          Climate Migration Research Assistant 

  • Conducted digital research and interviews for an oral history and educational project surrounding climate migrants from El Salvador and Guatemala, funded by The Green Initiative Fund at UC Berkeley and displayed as an exhibit in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Student Union 

Homebase/Center for Common Concerns (San Francisco)                                    Jun. 2020 – Aug 2021        Research Associate 

  • Provided technical assistance, policy support, and provider training to county and city government departments focused on homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area; spearheaded efforts to increase equity  of service for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals experiencing homelessness 

  • Led community building and monthly interactive meetings among San Francisco homeless providers;  co-authored research paper on data sharing between homelessness and health care sectors; completed environmental scan of Bay Area regional homelessness efforts to identify and synthesize promising solutions


Haight Street Commons                                                                                                 Feb. 2023 – Present    Community Organizer 

  • Help organize events for San Francisco international communities; curate Radical Reading Room, a free space for the public to read and exchange ideas; participate in communal living and conflict resolution processes at The Embassy SF; help build Second Life community for folks impacted by incarceration 

San Francisco LGBT Center                                                                                       Oct. 2021 – May 2023   Information & Referrals Volunteer

  • Support clients on the LGBTQ+ spectrum using a database of housing services, group support, employment opportunities, etc.; research the landscape of organizations serving the LGBTQ+ community in the SF Bay Area, synthesize relevant information in individually tailored referrals

UC Carbon Neutral Initiative                                                                                   Sept 2019 – May 2020    Campus Organizer 

  • Planned, organized, and advertised events in support of the University of California’s Carbon Neutrality by 2025 goals, including a panel on the UC’s unsustainable partnerships and climate justice campaign